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Paddle Alberta Promotes and Supports Safe, Sustainable Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking in Alberta


Paddle Alberta is a provincial not-for-profit association with the mandate:

- To support the many forms of recreational paddling

- To serve the needs of recreational paddlers

- To advocate for the sustainability of the paddling environment

- To promote the teaching of safe and enjoyable paddling

Paddle Alberta memberships are for paddling instructors, paddling clubs, not-for-profit groups and commercial organizations. Membership benefits      include access to subsidies and grants, networking opportunities with clubs and organizations across the province, competitive liability insurance and participation in environmental issues.

Paddle Alberta promotes recreational paddling through introductory paddling clinics and information dissemination. Our toll-free number and Alberta River Guides, on our online store, enable paddlers from across North America to obtain current information on paddling in Alberta.

In conjunction with Paddle Canada, Paddle Alberta facilitates the training, development and certification of new and developing paddlers as well as instructors and instructor trainers in canoeing, canoe-tripping and sea kayaking. Paddle Alberta maintains a detailed instructor registry database and promotes paddling employment opportunities across the province.

Paddle Alberta provides financial assistance for instructor development and certification programs for existing instructors through after market programs. Paddle Alberta offers educational seminars for its organizational members.

Paddle Alberta advocates for the protection and conservation of our paddling environment. Paddle Alberta environmental programs & activities are: Paddle Alberta Depository Program to install/maintain outhouses at popular remote riverside paddling locations; Leave No Trace Canada Program, and Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up.

Paddle Alberta encourages the development of recreational paddling clubs with physical, administrative, educational and financial support.