Alberta’s Recreational Paddling Resource since 1976
Paddle Alberta Society promotes and supports safe, sustainable recreational canoeing and Kayaking in Alberta.


Paddle Alberta is a provincial not-for-profit association with the mandate:

  • To support the many forms of recreational paddling

  • To serve the needs of recreational paddlers

  • To advocate for the sustainability of the paddling environment

  • To promote the teaching of safe and enjoyable paddling 


Available Paddle Alberta Memberships

Membership benefits include access to subsidies and grants, networking opportunities with clubs, organizations & clients across the province, competitive liability insurance and participation in environmental and paddling access projects.

Paddling Instructors

Canoe, SUP, Flatwater Kayak & Sea Kayak

Commercial Paddling Organizations

Instructional, Guiding, Outfitters, Paddling Shops

Paddling Clubs

Based in Alberta

Not-For-Profit Groups

Camps, Scouts, Guides, Jr. Forest Wardens, Schools

Affiliate Groups

Groups who want to run 1- time paddling events and need access to our insurance program

Photo: Mark Lund, Milk River AB

Paddle Alberta Commercial Org Members