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Paddle Alberta – Board & Committee Directors

Our volunteer Board/Committee Directors and members are what help make Paddle Alberta the great organization it is. Their passion for getting people out paddling and the paddling environment is what makes them so great for the job.

Our Board and Committee Directors are elected for 1 year terms at our Annual General Meeting in Spring of each year.

Board Of Directors & Staff

Terry Konyi

President I started paddling when I was a Scout with my group in Niagara Falls, paddling on small ponds and moving up to larger lakes and the offshoots of the Niagara River. One of my earlier multi day trips was a place called the Leslie Frost Reserve, just south of Algonquin Park. This led to many trips to the area paddling different circuits in the area and one of my favourites being a 6 day trip paddling through 8 different lakes, cliff jumping, fishing and swimming along the way. I really love to cook a steak over a fire on the first day, but after that my favourite camp food is still kraft dinner. I have mostly paddled throughout Ontario and spent lots of time on Lake Wabamun.

Timothy Kozlik

Vice President & Ed Director
The first time I was in a canoe I was less than a year old, and have been paddling ever since in both tandem and solo canoes as well as the occasional SUP'ing adventure. The first paddling trip that I can remember was in 2008 in north Saskatchewan, Nemeiben Lake - Besnard Lake - Black Bear Island Lake - Churchill River - 6 Portages - Nemeiben Lake. It was 156 kilometers with 20 portages, overall one of the best adventures I have been on with my family. My favorite camp food lately has been wild game jerky, mainly moose meat. I have paddled all over Alberta, as well as several lake routes in north Saskatchewan and even made it out to Ontario for some paddling. My most memorable paddling trip is all the trips I have gotten to do with my family and the adventures my family has taken me on and continues to take me on.

Keo Ohler

I started paddling when I was 8, my dad put me in an old Dancer kayak and I just kept going! My first overnight trip was 4 days on the North Sask Favorite tripping food …Corn! Provinces I’ve paddled in; Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan I don’t really belong to any clubs at the moment Favorite memory on a trip; Eating lots of fish on a 7 day Churchill river trip!

Erik Rust

I started paddling as a young boy on lakes and rivers with my family in Saskatchewan. My first overnight trip was a 4 day trip from Nordegg to Rocky Mountain House on the North Saskatchewan River. My favorite trip meal is Ranchers Breakfast (eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and bacon). Provinces I’ve paddled in are Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. My local club is the Outdoor Centre Whitewater Paddling club. My favorite paddling memory was a 21 day canoe trip on the Hood River and the feeling of reaching the Arctic Ocean after a 10km portage across the barrens with good friends.

Donna McKean

Instructor Rep/Safety & Touring Director
I started paddling …as a kid in Ontario with my dad, then at various camps, including a Pioneer Camp in the Muskokas . My first overnight trip was a 3(#) day trip in Ontario, somewhere in the Muskoka’s(don’t remember). My favorite trip meal is…Potato cheese soup. Provinces I’ve paddled in: Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. My local Club: Ceyana Canoe Club. My favorite paddling memory …..too many to count, but one trip from Rocky Mountain House to Drayton Valley was memorable in that the first day we had three rescues, one was pretty scary, but it brought the group together so by the end we were having a blast with water fights as we paddled into Drayton.

Mike Horembala

Environment Director The first canoe trip I went on was when I was 7 years old in Algonquin Park. My love of paddling was set in stone. My first overnight canoe trip was a 4 day run down the North Sask from Nordegg to Rocky. One of my favourite trips was a multi-day trip on the Churchill River in Saskatchewan. I have paddled in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and the Yukon. My favourite trip meal is homemade dehydrated Butter Chicken. (Nann and rice as well) I don't have a club right now, but work part time for the U of C Outdoor Centre and lead land based outdoor trips for Oilfields High School in Black Diamond. (Working on the developing the water part)

Angie Shroderus

Member at Large I was introduced to paddling in 2011 by a great friend who recognized I needed a break from climbing the corporate ladder. My home base The Rocky Canoe Club and The Brierley’s area. Of all the area’s that I have paddled, the Brierley’s and the NSR from the crossing to Rocky Mtn House is where my heart is. So many firsts there. First multi-day, first dumps, first surfs, new friendships and that's where my boys learned to love paddling. There’s nothing greater than sitting at “Lunch Spot” eating a PB&J sandwich.

Lana Madsen

Paddle Canada Regional Rep for Alberta
I started paddling when I was 20 My first overnight trip was a 3 day trip on the Little Smokey River. My favorite trip meal is hot soup and veggies I’ve paddled in: Nova Scotia, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territory, British Columbia, Yukon. My local Club – Rocky Canoe Club My favorite paddling memory is Moose Ponds, first trip on the Nahanni in 1986

John Stoodley

Member at Large
Bio Coming Soon.

Karla Handy

Program Services Coordinator
I started really paddling in college. My first overnight trip was a 2 day trip on the Bow river Calgary to Carseland. My favorite trip meal is my egg and ham breakfast bagels. Provinces I’ve paddled in are BC, Alberta and Manitoba. My local clubs are the Bow Waters Canoe Club and Paddle Junkies. My favorite paddling memory is…that’s a tuff one… I love the Kootenay river and I’m always dreaming about fishing and paddling it every year as much as I can.

"You can't cross the water merely by standing and staring at it."

– Rabindranath Tagore