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Paddle Alberta – Board & Committee Directors

Our volunteer Board/Committee Directors and members are what help make Paddle Alberta the great organization it is. Their passion for getting people out paddling and the paddling environment is what makes them so great for the job. If you enjoy recreational paddling, instructing, or passionate about paddling environment sustainability, volunteering for one of Paddle Alberta’s sub committees; Safety & Touring, Education, or Environment is a good start. Anyone can volunteer for committee, just contact Paddle Alberta.

Our Board and Committee Directors are elected for 1 year terms at our Annual General Meeting in Spring of each year.

Board of Directors & Staff


President Position is currently vacant

Amanda Mercer

Amanda Mercer

Vice President

I started paddling …when I was in high school in 1998
My first overnight trip was an 8 day trip in Temagami Ontario 
My favorite trip meal is…Egg McMuffin breakfast over the fire… anything over the fire really! 
Provinces I’ve paddled in: Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC, New Brunswick, 
My local Club: the Borealis Canoe Club
My favorite paddling memory happened when I was guiding in Johnstone’s Straight. Our group had decided to go out for an evening paddle and headed out towards Robson Bite Ecological reserve when a resting line of about 12 Orca’s passed right under our kayaks. 
Hannah Koslowsky

Hannah Koslowsky

Enviornment Director

I started paddling when I was 2 years old… if that counts as paddling 😉  My family did a canoe trip each summer.
My first overnight trip was a 3 day trip down the Spanish River near Sudbury, Ontario.
My favourite trip meal: Does GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) count as a meal?
Provinces I’ve paddled in: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia
My local club: Borealis Canoe Club
My favourite paddling memory: Dawn paddles!  It’s tough to get up that early in the dark and with the bugs swarming, but it is so worth it when you experience the sunrise and morning calm from the water.  I try to do one each trip, particularly if I’m with someone who has never experienced it before.


Karla Handy

Karla Handy

Program Services Coordinator

I started really paddling in college. My first overnight trip was a 2 day trip on the Bow river Calgary to Carseland. My favorite trip meal is my egg and ham breakfast bagels. Provinces I’ve paddled in are BC, Alberta and Manitoba. My local clubs are the Bow Waters Canoe Club and Paddle Junkies. My favorite paddling memory is…that’s a tuff one… I love the Kootenay river and I’m always dreaming about fishing and paddling it every year as much as I can.

Matt Steele

Matt Steele

Safety & Touring Director

 I first started paddling in 2004 in the Cowichan valley.
My first over night trip was a 10 day trip on the Rupert River in northern Quebec.
My favorite trip meal is Mexican lasagna.
Provinces I’ve paddled in: BC, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, NWT, Nunavut
My favorite paddling memory is paddling with the salmon hatch on the White river.


Secretary position is currently vacant

Lana Madsen

Lana Madsen

Education Director

I started paddling when I was 20

My first overnight trip was an 11 day trip in Central AB (Blackstone to Edmonton)

My favorite trip meal is soup

I’ve paddled in: Nova Scotia, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territory,  British Columbia, Yukon.

My local Club Rocky Canoe Club

My favorite paddling memory is paddling on the Nahanni at twilight.

Silvia Kozlik

Silvia Kozlik


I started paddling in 1986
My first overnight trip was a 5 day trip in Sweden
My favorite trip meal is chicken curry with rice
I’ve paddled in: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Labrador, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territory,  British Columbia.
My local Club Bowwaters Canoe Club
My favorite paddling memory is the epic ride in 4th canyon on the Nahanni.


"You can't cross the water merely by standing and staring at it."

– Rabindranath Tagore

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