Instructor Benefits

*Instructor Certification Upgrade Subsidy:

  • For a current certified Paddle Alberta Instructor Member, who has been a member for one full year, to assist in attaining and maintaining a higher level of instructor certification and skills.
  • The subsidy is 50% of courses costs up to maximum of $300 per instructor per calendar year.
  • To earn credit to qualify for this grant, you must complete at least ONE volunteer task from any of the following:
  1. attendance at one Paddle Alberta General Meeting in Red Deer.
  2. volunteer for local paddling club/org/program and submit to Paddle Alberta their signed letter summarizing your volunteer commitment.
  3. hold a position on Paddle Alberta Executive or Committee (the committees are fun and easy to join)
  4. volunteer for one volunteer shift at a Paddle Alberta Casino (next one is Fall/winter 2017 in Calgary)
  5. complete one paddling-related volunteer task, with pre-approved permission of Paddle Alberta. (If you need suggestions, just ask.)
  • Instructor must complete and submit to Paddle Alberta a Paddle Alberta Instructor Certification Upgrade Subsidy Application Form with receipt(s) by November 1st of each year to receive reimbursement.

Approved courses for Upgrade Subsidy are:

  1. Paddle Canada Instructor level certification and Paddle Canada skills courses (except River Kayak Instructor — contact Alberta Whitewater Association for this)
  2. Swift Water Rescue nationally-recognized certification or non certification courses taught by certified instructors as required prerequisite for/Paddle Canada Instructor certification.
  3. Wilderness First Aid Certification courses as required prerequisite for Paddle Canada Instructor certification.
  4. Leave No Trace Master Educator or Trainer certification courses taught by a certified LNT instructor.
Please Note 2016 Was The Last Year Paddle Alberta Instructor Programs Were Offered.
*All Current Paddle Alberta Instructor Certifications Are Valid Until They Expire. Instructors Wishing To Recert From PA Into PC Will Need To Take A “Bridge Re-Cert Clinic” These Clinics Will Be Offered Starting In 2017, Please Contact PA If You Require This.

Please see the Paddle Canada website for Paddlesport Instructor Courses

Teachers in Alberta! (please note that the PA Canoe instructor courses will still be listed in this document)

Safety Guidelines For Physical Activity In Alberta Schools 2013

Pages 79-88 of the document refer to Paddlesports. These guidelines have been developed to assist school authorities in their formulation of site-specific safety guidelines for physical activity in Alberta schools. Implementation of safety guidelines should in all cases be preceded by a close review of these guidelines and appropriate modification on the part of each school authority in order to meet the specific requirements and circumstances of their respective school programs.

This document is produced by the Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research (ACICR) with the assistance of Alberta Education, Alberta Health, Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA), Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, the Health & Physical Education Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, Ever Active Schools, and the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta (SMCA).

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