Instructor Benefits


$10 PA Membership fee is optional and paid on the Paddle Canada website when you renew your Annual PC Instructor Membership. If you subscribe to a PA Membership it puts you on our Instructor email list and gives you access to all the benefits below.

Instructor Benefits:

Access to subsidized Paddle Canada Certification Courses and Clinics

Courses will be advertised on our Events Calendar, Instructor E-Newsletters and Social. 

Instructor Certification Upgrade Subsidy

For a current certified Paddle Alberta Instructor Member, who has been a member for one full year, to assist in attaining and maintaining a higher level of instructor certification and skills.

The subsidy is 50% of courses costs up to maximum of $300 per instructor per calendar year.

To earn credit to qualify for this grant, you must complete at least ONE volunteer task from any of the following:

  • Attendance at one Paddle Alberta General Meeting in Red Deer.
  • Volunteer for local paddling club/org/program and submit to Paddle Alberta their signed letter summarizing your volunteer commitment.
  • Hold a position on Paddle Alberta Executive or Committee
  • Volunteer for one volunteer shift at a Paddle Alberta Casino 
  • Complete one paddling-related volunteer task, with pre-approved permission of Paddle Alberta. (If you need suggestions, just ask.)
Approved Courses For Upgrade Subsidy Are:
  • Paddle Canada Instructor level certification and Paddle Canada skills courses (except River Kayak Instructor — contact Alberta Whitewater Association for this)
  • Swift Water Rescue nationally-recognized certification or non certification courses taught by certified instructors as required prerequisite for/Paddle Canada Instructor certification.
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification courses as required prerequisite for Paddle Canada Instructor certification.
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator or Trainer certification courses taught by a certified LNT instructor.
  • Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader Course
  • Interpreters Guides Association courses relevant to paddle guides.


Instructor must complete and submit to Paddle Alberta a Paddle Alberta Instructor Certification Upgrade Subsidy Application Form with receipt(s) by November 1st of each year to receive reimbursement. Contact the PA Office to apply: 403-247-0083 or email: