Minimum Required Safety Equipment

Do you have the Minimum Required Safety Equipment on hand?

If boating at night or in low light conditions, navigation lights that meet the applicable standards set out in the Collision Regulations. If the pleasure craft is operated after sunset and before sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility (for a canoe), a single light is sufficient (e.g. waterproof flashlight, lantern or torch).

Please see the below link for full details:

Federal Small Vessel Regulations

Water Levels & Flow Rates

Alberta Environment defines “normal flows” as the mid-50 percentile of flows recorded on a particular day of the year. Thus abnormally high (the top 25% of flows on a particular day) in late summer often involve much less water within the stream than a “normal” late spring flow.


When choosing to paddle a stream, one general guideline is to paddle when flows are within the mid-50 percentile of flows for late spring conditions (June/early July).


When looking at the Alberta Environment flow reports for a particular station be sure to compare the reported flow (table) with the annual graph (figure) of flows for that stream and station.